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autumn october zhu national day, kystar helps qilu red cultural festival!-pg电子试玩链接

2020-01-13 3086

     this year, october 1, is the 69th anniversary of the motherland. after five thousand years of wind and rain and continuous wars in modern times, the chinese people fought bravely and rose up, and the 40th anniversary of the burning passion of reform and opening up, our motherland has finally stood in the east with a brilliant attitude.
      in order to celebrate the 69th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china and to praise the country's 40-year development of reform and opening-up, a cultural and art festival was held in linyi city, shandong province. kystar is lucky to add a dazzling color to this activity!

    the screen of this performance is 230 square meters in total, and the professional broadcast control software kommander t1, large control platform kc100 and true 4k mini switching platform k1 are used.
     as an expert in led industry, kaisida not only ensures the safety of performance broadcast control, but also presents the perfect stage effect to the audience, so that the audience can feel the strong shock of vision and soul as if they were immersed in the scene. how did kystar do it?

1. professional broadcast control software kommander t1 provides flexible screen control, professional programming and processing, and smooth playback of super-large resolution materials. in this performance, the kommander t1 centralized control of a main screen of six screens, a key call scene plan, the screen can be separated and closed, let the stage creativity open.

  2. the large console kc100 controls two k1 switch stations at the same time, and the edited preset scene is quickly invoked. as the industry's first dual-4k @ 60hz-dp input mini switching platform, k1 can easily achieve large material and screen point-to-point display, for the qilu red capital festival party escort.