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power play!kystar assisted haier group international exhibition hall perfect curtain-pg电子试玩链接

2020-01-13 3301
in 1995, the hit of haier brothers, the main characters travel around the world, exploring the mysteries of nature, drifting in the ocean, in the mountains. today, the story of their adventure has gradually become people's childhood memories. haier group, like haier brothers, has never finished exploring the sea of home appliances. as a global brand of large household appliances, haier group became a global top 500 enterprise in 2018.

in september 2018, kystar assisted haier group successfully open its international exhibition hall. in this project, kaisida equipment centralized control of 20 screens of field activities and realized point-to-point playback. in addition, the stability of the equipment also provides a guarantee for the activities of haier group.

the performance of ks928, ks938, ks920p, s900, kommnader z3 and g612 as the broadcasting and control equipment in haier group's international exhibition hall was amazing, with excellent effects. the simultaneous realization of clear widescreen pictures also met everyone's demand for high-quality pictures.


the multimedia server kommander f2 can not only complete the super large screen point-to-point display, but also realize a variety of creative display, providing professional scene programming management for this project.














 1.凯视达ks938、s900、kommander z3及230张金卡g612,将20块宽屏实现完整高清的画面,完美实现了点对点播放。

多媒体服务器kommander f2,专业的场景管理解决多屏管理混乱问题,可视化播控界面,所见即所得的屏幕管理系统。拥有多图层展示,解决多屏无法统一控制播放的问题。