24 ethernet ports


the kls24 is equipped with 24 network port outputs, supporting a maximum of 13.8 million pixel loading, a maximum width of 24,000 pixels, and a maximum of 24,000 pixels.

the led display can be driven directly without an external sending controller.




make management easier

multiple management methods.

directly connect through a network cable or connect to a local area network to use pc-side control software for operation and management.

use a browser to control and manage by accessing the lan or the internet.

use mobile device app to control and manage through wireless network.


sixteen-screen arbitrary layout

kls24 upport two routes 4k@60hz signal switching on screen.
kls24 allows up to 16 signal screens to be displayed. all input signals can be simultaneously on-screen, including two 4k signals.

the screen can be displayed across the output network port, and supports arbitrary superposition and size setting.



crossint splicing technology

•the ksv24 supports catstar crossint stitching technology, which can effectively eliminate the phase difference between different stitching modules, thereby avoiding sub-pixel misalignment when stitching pictures.

fpga architecture is safe and worry-free


hardware fpga architecture: no cpu, no core, no risk of poisoning and crash, and the system runs stably. mean time to failure mtbf>30,000 hours, supporting 365×24 hours of continuous operation.

input signal hot backup


any signal source can be designated as the backup of the current signal,when the signal fails, the backup signal is automatically switched seamlessly.


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