beijing banana ring ktv-pg电子试玩链接

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project name beijing banana ring ktv project introduction this project includes transparent screen module, soft module, outdoor p3 module, 1.86 module, 2.5 module and other multi specification modules. each compartment adopts the combination of main screen 1.86 module and auxiliary screen 2.5 module. each compar
project date 2021.02 equipment used ks9800*9,ls16*5 ,ls6*5 ,ls2*7, es4*62 ,h7s-c*7 ,g612c*1000
project location beijing project requirements 1. meet the number of pictures in each private room, and multi screen needs picture in picture mode; 2. the brightness needs to be adjusted and controlled at any time, cooperating with the central control one key control; 3. according to the scene requi

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